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Owner Phil Cunningham and his Rebel Racing team are extremely confident in Rajasinghe’s future as a stallion. Such is their determination to ensure his success as a stallion, a unique scheme is now in place to encourage commercial breeders to support him in his first year at the National Stud.

“Rajasinghe had so much ability and natural talent; that was something his trainer Richard Spencer and our Rebel Racing team never doubted. When he won the Coventry stakes at Royal Ascot he broke the track record, he literally smashed the clock! As a son of Choisir he comes from a sire-line that has quickly established itself as simply the best source of speed and precocity about! We are adamant that Rajasinghe has all the credentials to become a top class stallion. However we also are also fully aware in order for him to make his mark at stud he needs the support of the best breeders and their mares.”

With that in mind Phil has come up with a scheme which will offer some financial security for those who breed horses commercially. He continued:

“It’s very clear that these are challenging times for both breeders and stallion owners. The market is very unforgiving. In order for a commercially priced stallion such as Rajasinghe to succeed, breeders need to be able to breed with confidence. The risk of failing to meet production costs is a very frightening prospect to many breeders. This very valid concern is one we completely understand. In light of that we are giving an undertaking to support commercial breeders who send mares to Rajasinghe. For those breeding commercially and intending to sell as a foal we will ensure that if the foal fails to realise a price of £15,000, some or all of the £5,000 stud fee is refunded to breeders based on a production cost of £10,000. Similarly for yearling vendors the scheme will refund some or all of the stud fee if a yearling fails to realise £20,000 at the sales, this is based on a production cost of £15,000. This is our way of saying ‘we’re all in this together’ and it clearly demonstrates our confidence in Rajasinghe’s future as a stallion.”

“I’d strongly encourage breeders to speak to Tim Lane or Joe Callan at the National Stud, or Avenue Bloodstock’s Mark McStay. They will explain our flexible terms in more detail. By offering this scheme I hope breeders will see that I am very serious about giving Rajasinghe every chance to succeed as a stallion.”